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ARDEBIL province is located in the north west of the country, bordering the Republic of Azerbaijan to the north, the province of East Azarbaijan to the west, Zanjan to the south and Gilan to the east. Its centre is the city of Ardabil. The province was established in 1993 from the eastern part of East Azarbaijan and the northern part of Gilan. The north east of the province is inhabited by the Talysh people.
Ardebil province central coordination locates in 38.2514°N 48.2973°E.
The province is divided into 9 counties including Ardabil, Bilasavar, Germi, Khalkhal, Kowsar (Kivi), Meshginshahr, Namin, Nir ,Sar'eyn and .... (Read More)


The history of ARDABIL has close connections to that of Azarbaijan. Ardabil always was one of the most important cities in Azarbaijan.
The natural features of  ... (Read More)
Ardabil today
Ardabil is the seat of the sanctuary and tomb of Shaikh Safi ad-Din, eponym of the Safavid Dynasty Kulliye. It has many hot springs and beautiful natural landscapes and these attract ... (Read More)

Road and Transportation:

    Freeways: N/A
    4 Lanes Highway: 90 Km
    Major Wide Roads: 83.5 Km ... (Read More)

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